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By | May 7, 2015

By now you will have noticed a link to a company called Wealthy Affiliate. This is where I started my site when one day I went looking for sources of making money.

I came across Wealthy Affiliate through my Google search and I took the time to look at the site.

What I learned was that I did not know much about making money on the internet and Kyle and Carson made this all clear with the lessons they provide.

The best part of this is that it is free to start with no obligation of moving to the Premium status.

I highly recommend going to the site at www.wealthyaffiliate.com and looking for yourself. The membership is growing exponentially and you need to be a part it if you are serious about making money.

Now, this will be hard work. Nothing you want in life comes without effort. But the travels will be eye opening and knowledgeable.

The Lessons are interesting where Kyle provides videos to help you along. Kyle is a good presenter as he keeps everything simple and speaks in laymen’s terms so anyone can pick up on how to get up and running.

The Affiliate training is fun because this is where and how you get the revenue. Subscribing to affiliate programs is fun. There are hundreds out there to subscribe to so do not be afraid.

If you are interested in seeing the results of all this training and implementation visit my site at:


When there take a look around and feel free to comment and please do visit the Resources page.

Thanks all and good luck


Neil Graddon

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