Summer is Coming – Babysitting Demands on Seniors

By | June 3, 2015

Neil @ WhatDoYouHaveToKnow

As school winds down and the weather turns for the better plans are being made by parents to tend to their children for the summer months. Babysitting demands on Seniors and grandparents are inevitable. Some children may be sent to Summer Camp, some to daycares but there are always the helpful grandparents who  will take on the task of babysitting their precious loved ones. imagesXSR63O78 In doing so the grandparents are asked to house, entertain and feed the little varmints. But of course we do this will loving care and concern. So what is there in it for us grandparents. Well, it is always nice that our children appreciate that we can assist while they are off working. But let us be aware that tending the little ones can come with some risks. So let’s be careful and be aware of what these risks can be. 1. Leaving kids alone while swimming. It is easy to forget that they are frolicking in the pool whilst we go off and tend our own duties. Never, never leave children alone in a pool or by a pool. It takes but a brief second for disaster to result from our inattention. 2. Lifting the rascals. We are not as young and virile as we used to be. Picking kids up can result in a myriad of painful results. So, if possible, do not pick them up at all but assist them only. 3. Leaving kids to there own devices in a home. Well, we having been kids ourselves know what mischief the little devils can get into. If you are sitting youngsters try to child proof your home so they cannot get into places they do not belong. Educate them as well that dangers linger in places that they should not be. plug coverCover the outlets with plastic covers so they do not become fried young ones. 4. Pay attention to where they are at all times. In this day and age there are predators lingering to snatch our loved ones. 5. Pay attention when they are playing in driveways. imagesH6UZ9FZZDo not start the car without knowing exactly where the children are. So many accidents have happened when we lose track of their location. 6. A simple but effective thing is to buy wireless phones wireless phoneand keep the phone with you whenever you are with the kids. This way there will be no reason to leave them alone to run after a ringing phone. If this is not possible, leave the phone ring. whoever it is will get back to you if it is important or let the call go to voicemail. Do not leave the children unattended, period. There are probably many more situations that can occur but making you aware of some of the more common ones will make us more alert and prepared. Sure, in your day, raising your kids you never had these problems. Remember, yours was a different time when you were younger and quicker to re-act. Seniors do not re-act as quickly. Don’t forget to have any emergency medications such as an EPI-pen epipenfor children with severe allergies. Normally, the parents will be on top of this but when they hand you the device place it somewhere where both you and the children can get to it quickly. Have all emergency phone numbers handy by the phone.  Remember in extreme emergencies use 911. 911aThe moral of this story is simple. Children are slippery little creatures who move like the wind. We, as seniors, move more like a lumbering slug. Keep children in sight at all times when babysitting. Remember, it take but a fraction of a second for the un-desirable to happen.

That is something you NEVER want to face. 

       child in cupboardimagesG309V1TG




It would be nice to hear your comments about this subject and any insights or stories you may have.

Thanks, Neil


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