Seniors and Exercise

By | February 19, 2016


I am sixty years old and have been sedentary for the most part of twenty five years. My job when I was working involved a lot of sitting and with the stresses of today’s business environment left me little time to consider the benefits of of own health.

I have since semi-retired working as a consultant when jobs are available so I have a few more hours of time on my hands to do other activities and recently I decided I wanted to lose weight and get back into shape so I could endure the last of the years ahead of me.

To this end I decided to join an exercise studio and I hired a personal trainer to guide me through my goals and to develop an exercise plan so I would meet my goals.

My goal is simple, to get back to my playing weight. I played a myriad of sports as a younger version of me and I literally went cold turkey ceasing all physical activity. Over time the body compensates by weakening muscle mass and storing fat. A common malaise for many out there I am sure.

The personal trainer assigned to me is named Kyle and he is a young 20 years old and still going to school. He does the training as a side line to make a few dollars which I hope he is saving for the future Kyle. Anyhow, Kyle started out with me by making me do mild cardio and aerobic exercises to start to get my muscles working to burn fat and to improve my stamina. This placed me on a treadmill going various speeds and using various elevations and I liked the process. Next he takes me into a cold room where he starts working on core exercises to help me lose the dreaded beer belly. He makes me do all kinds of endurance and core exercises and it was here I learned of a problem I had with my shoulder.

A few months back I took a serious tumble severely spraining my ankle. I used my arm to brace myself which sent shock waves through to my shoulder. I felt the discomfort but wrote it off and left it to heal on its own.  Three months later I started exercising and using arm strengthening machines and low and behold the pain raced through my shoulder. The intensity of the pain forced me to stop. I visited an Osteopath who identified the problem as the rotator cuff and told me not to do certain exercises. I have not and the shoulder is improving.

Last week, the trainer increased the intensity of the exercise plan after a month working with him. I being the stubborn and proud person I am, I went through all the exercises even though I was feeling some discomfort in my lower extremities. At the end of the session I actually felt good and walked home without any discomfort.

The next day I thought I was going to lose my leg. The pain coming from my hip was so intense that it hindered my ability to walk, sit and stand up. I popped pills to help alleviate any inflammation in the joint but the pain persisted. I am letting it heal itself and again my stubborness keeps far away from medical facilities but if it continues well I am change my mind. (yea, I know, stupid on my part)

All this being said I want to point out the obvious which I clearly did not follow myself. I am sixty not twenty. I cannot do the high intensity workouts that my young trainer wants me to do at least not right away. I need to pace myself and build up to the point where I can handle the sessions without affecting my daily life.

The morale of the story is exercise is fine in moderation.



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3 thoughts on “Seniors and Exercise

  1. john waldie

    Page one. Four paragraphs down you wrote “a common malaise for may I’m sure and I am sure you mean many. Anyways, I am not quite sure what you are trying to make money through but I really like the front page of the site. I think you have chosen an excellent niche

  2. jschicanha

    Thank you for sharing the information.Your information well orgasised and they are conducive.You are promoting us to have stress free and doing the exersise every time for us to be hethier and looks young. Exercise is so much important as it makes our body fit.Thank you for the information.


  3. Roy

    Hey Neil, so pleased that you realized that you were 60 and not 20.

    I am 65 and am on my own personal weight loss journey. I worked out my own weight loss plan to suit me.

    Agree with what you said about exercise in moderation. Oftentimes, exercise can do you more harm than good my friend.

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