Save Money by Using Coupons

By | May 11, 2015

Seniors living on a fixed income need to find ways to stretch their money. Well, coupons are one way to make every dollar count and effectively coupons are free money.

First of all when you get a newspaper or flyers in your mail go through them and look for items of interest where coupons are being offered. Cut them out and keep them because you never know when they will become useful. Of course you must look at the terms of the coupons closely to check for expiry dates.

All sorts of coupons are available for all kinds of products. The sky is the limit.

Besides coupons get yourself a loyalty card from the grocery store or any other store you frequent. The points add up and they can be translated into products. Look at this way, if the stores are willing to give you points for buying their products, take advantage and get free products in return.

There are several websites on the internet offering help on how to get started with couponing. Actually, it is not rocket science. Coupons come to you at your door. For years you have most probably just tossed them.

Well stop that!

Cut the coupons out and use them.

There are many sites on the internet where you can actually go and get coupons to use. Imagine, sites that give you free money (in coupons that is). Go visit these sites, download the coupons and take advantage of them. Why not?

Check in your locality/country for the websites that pertain to you. Here are a few sites to consider;





So get going and save yourself a bunch of money by being frugal. But do everyone a favor. When you get to the checkout have the coupons in your hand ready to give to the cashier. Do not stand there hunting through your portfolio’s try to locate the coupons. You will make the people in line happy you came prepared.


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