Retirees Need to Keep Busy – What Are the Available Options?

By | May 19, 2015

Neil Graddon – What Do You Have To Know   2015-05-19

As seniors ready themselves to retire one of their concerns is ‘What am I going to do’?

Well, that all depends on how healthy you are and how active you want to be. Let’s look at health first because that can be a driving factor in the decisions made to determine what can and cannot be done.

If you do suffer from physical disabilities that prevent you from moving freely or you suffer from pain when trying to do physical activity then there are options available that may be helpful in keeping you more flexible and to tone your muscles to prevent atrophy. Physiotherapy is always an option if you are not already on a regime. If not, there are many places out there that specialize in helping you move.

I recently saw a segment on TV where folks in wheelchairs were being taught how to dance  again whilst sitting in their wheelchairs. This forces use of different muscles and creates a social environment to help with the spirit. Husbands and wives got to dance again when they believed it would not ever be possible again.

If you do not suffer from disabilities that leave you unable to move or to actively do physical activity then the choices are many for what you can do.

  • participate in daily physical activity such as walking, biking or exercise courses.
  • join a club such as a golf, tennis, lawn bowling, bowling, etc.
  • get a part time job. This also benefits the pocket book
  • volunteer – there are many organizations looking for people.
  • help out family – take care of the grandkids. This leads to bonding time.

Men tend to sequester themselves in retirement and need to be prodded to get moving and get involved. Men can do many things after retiring some of which are listed above but other options include hobbies, woodworking, handyman work and so on.

Take advantage of your expertise and sell your services. Ideas such as writing manuals, analysis, selling and so on are options to keep you busy and generate revenue for your retirement.

This website is the making of such a situation. I was looking for something to do and I saw and advertisement for Wealthy Affiliate. This program is designed to market on the internet by creating a website specific to a niche you are comfortable with. I can help you by guiding you to this video which explains the whole process. It also is a great place to learn with the myriad of lessons and classrooms available. Click the link below to open the WA site and look through the Welcome video. Creating websites is free to start and if you wish to escalate to Premium membership that is a choice but I would highly recommended doing so because it opens doors to more feature and lessons.


There are hundreds of thousands of people enrolled in WA today so come aboard and join us. The community is available to you to ask questions and seek guidance. The step by step lessons coach you through setting a website and how to generate revenue from simply adding content.

The project is fun for those seniors looking for a challenge and to make money.



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