Have You Ever Wondered – The Things We Think About

By | June 9, 2015

Neil@WhatDoYouHaveToKnow   – 2015-06-09


As we look about our world of open communication and information dissemination we find that we see things that really are difficult to understand.

No matter which category of life we look at there are things that make us wonder why these things happen.

Words and actions take on a different light when you look at them from a logical point of view and then the obvious becomes clear.

So have you ever wondered;

  • if speeding is illegal why do they make cars that can exceed the speed limit.
  • if they post bus and train schedules and advertise successful on time rates why are we always waiting for a bus and train.
  • why are we still paying taxes when it was said to be a temporary measure after the war.
  • why do politicians blatantly lie and get away with it.
  • why is it so important to go to Mars yet allow poverty and destitution. Shouldn’t the money go to resolving home world issues first.
  • if Global warming is fact or fiction. The way the scientists spin it you have to wonder.
  • what is economy anyway. The way it sounds it’s a crap shoot.
  • are we really getting a discount price when they do 2 for 1 sales.
  • with all the needless shootings by police recently are they not trained to aim the gun so as to cripple instead of kill.
  • why it takes 5 policemen to take down one individual. Are they not trained in hand to hand and takedown procedures.
  • how a small group of terrorists can bring a world to its knees.
  • if there will ever be peace and harmony in the world.
  • why you learned history in school. Are we not suppose to learn by our mistakes. Seems not.
  • why freedom of speech is only allowed if the powers that be agree with it.
  • why there is so much hate in the world. What is actually pissing people off?
  • in the age of social media why can’t people talk to each other properly and with respect. They would not do the same in front of the person.
  • how bullying in this day and age has created such a large number of cowards. In the old days, bullies were brought to task in front of their peers.
  • where respect went.
  • what happened to morals. Are they not taught anymore.
  • why banks, who make billion dollar profits, lay people off.
  • why a senior with loads of experience cannot find a job. This is happening when companies are raving about the need for experience. What is scaring companies away from seniors who are not only available but willing and loyal. Cannot say that about today’s youth who are transient in the job market.
  • with so many diet plans out there, how can they all be the right plan.
  • that if everything is bad for you what exactly is right for you.
  • when  on vacation time flies but when at work it lumbers along.
  • where patience went. Why can’t anyone wait a second anymore?
  • why the price of gas goes up when the cost of oil goes down.

Enjoy the few items listed above and if you have any of your own why not share them by commenting on this post. It would be interesting to hear regional perspectives on this topic.


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9 thoughts on “Have You Ever Wondered – The Things We Think About

  1. Ana

    Hi Neil!
    Yes, I do wonder about a lot of the things you posted here. Sometimes it’s almost as if I don’t recognize people or the world! Things are changing fast and sometimes I also wonder Why is it that the great majority of kids these days don’t respect the anyone anymore?Why is it that they don’t seem to have any goals but have so much more than I had. To much to choose from?

  2. Jyl

    So many questions, and I’ve asked them all. I think that while there are the few who insist on pulling the wool over the eyes of the many, there will always be questions that make no sense. Having said that, people power is an amazing thing, and all it takes is a revolution. Not in a military way, but we can all make a stand and let them know we ain’t taking it any more. Nice post 🙂

  3. Edmund

    Hi Neil, thanks for this article.

    Indeed, we can look at things from many perspective and wonder who is right and who is wrong.

    I like the point “Why there is so much hate in the world. What is actually pissing people off?” People do not recognise that life is impermanent, why not live with Happiness than Hate?

    A good article to make us think deeper of our life, the society and this strange place that we called Earth.

  4. Jay

    This is a really profound and thought provoking article which was a pleasure to read. a question that II’d add to this list, which I might add asks a LOT of questions that I’ve asked myself is….

    If, as scientists claim, we are evolving. Getting bigger, better and stronger. Why is it, we now need experts to tell us what to eat? Why are there so many incurable illnesses? Why have we not managed to solve poverty and famine?

    We may have lots of nice shiny things and a lot of technology. But the fundamental things appear to be in reverse to me.


  5. Lynne

    Great post, I really enjoyed reading your list. I also wonder about so many things these days. I live in South Africa where the crime, poverty, illiteracy and unemployment is so high… some of the solutions should be so simple really but things just worse by the day. Our government is so corrupt and they are stealing our countries money right in front of our noses, without even bothering to cover up anything. I find it so sad and heartbreaking when we could be using that money for education for all the underprivileged children.
    Like you say why is it so important to go to Mars? There are people starving to death, why not help them have a better life?

  6. Alec

    Interesting questions. I can answer a few of them. Going to Mars can only help humanity. NASA is to thank for insulin pumps, the CAT scan, cordless tools, insulation, memory foam, etc.

    Morality is most likely improving. Most first world countries don’t stone people for no reason anymore, but some things can still be worked on.

    All the diets out there exist to scam 😛

    I have a few…

    •What exists beyond out universe, if anything?
    •How did life start?
    •Was there ever life on Mars?
    •Does alien life even exist?

  7. Dmashmann

    I have to admit, this page makes you think, some can be answered logically, such as speed limits, they are state and federally regulated and vary greatly, though I’m not condoning speeding in the slightest. Also, about the shooting by cops against minorities, which is all you hear about, did you know that crimes against majorities by minorities happen 4x more often then crimes against minorities, but you never hear about them, why? Also why is Obama still in office, he has been caught is more lies than I can count and still sits in his office helping the Isis cause. He also has US troops training in Texas on how to take back a city from armed civilians, why is he doing that is one of the two states most likely to leave the Union? Finally, I really don’t know what happened to my generation and those that have followed, I’m 25 just so you know, my guess is we are so used to the instant gratification we get from the internet and the instant service we get at fast food places that we just loss our understanding of patience. Anyway good post.

  8. Kristin

    Great list! I have often wondered about some of these things myself. I believe that many of them propose intense discussions and I have witnessed many debates on some of those myself. I think a lot of it is to fit someone’s agenda and we just kinda have to accept it because it’s reality. Thanks for the great article. I might pull this list out at my next dinner party and see what happens. Haha 🙂

  9. Darren

    Very interesting post. I’ve often asked these very questions myself. So many questions I can really relate to here and it shows that you are truly a rare free thinker. Many people never question anything and just accept the way everything is, which is how governments, corporations and the powers that be like it. They want the majority to be sheep that blindly follow whatever BS information they are fed. Great post. Love it!

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