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Golf- A Release to Nature

For most people who have never golfed they do not get the whole idea of getting out and chasing a small white ball for miles. To these people I offer this comment, try it, try it once to fully understand what the big deal is. Golf is a game that has been around for a… Read More »

Engaging Seniors – Listening is Easy

Neil @ whatdoyouhavetoknow As I was growing up I was often brought to see my great aunt with my mother. At the time my great aunt was in her 80’s and was living in a senior home. When I arrived I went to her little room where she had a bed, 2 chairs, a small… Read More »

Have You Ever Wondered – The Things We Think About

Neil@WhatDoYouHaveToKnow   – 2015-06-09 As we look about our world of open communication and information dissemination we find that we see things that really are difficult to understand. No matter which category of life we look at there are things that make us wonder why these things happen. Words and actions take on a different light… Read More »

Summer is Coming – Babysitting Demands on Seniors

Neil @ WhatDoYouHaveToKnow As school winds down and the weather turns for the better plans are being made by parents to tend to their children for the summer months. Babysitting demands on Seniors and grandparents are inevitable. Some children may be sent to Summer Camp, some to daycares but there are always the helpful grandparents who  will… Read More »

Scientists Reverse Aging in Human Cell Lines

Source:University of Tsukuba The fountain of youth may yet still be around the corner. The following article shows that research is finding potential to the aging process. It may not be immortality but if it can help reverse the ravages of aging and diminish the effects of aging so we can live longer and more… Read More »

Do You Remember These Things from the 60’s

  Now don’t these photos bring back memories. It’s a good long term memory test. Let’s share some of our memories by adding our comments to this post. It will be interesting to see who remembers what.        

How our view of what makes us happy has changed

The below story is based on materials provided by British Psychological Society (BPS). Our view of what makes us happy has changed markedly since 1938. That is the conclusion of the psychologist Sandie McHugh from the University of Bolton who has recreated a famous study of happiness conducted in Bolton in 1938. She will present her… Read More »