About Me

Hi my name is Neil and let me tell you why I created this website. IMGSm

Very often I have gone into Google or other search engines to find specific information and to be honest the results did not always lead me to the answers or content I was looking for. So after scratching my head so often and making myself bald I finally thought that perhaps it was best to create a community bent on helping each other.

To this end I created this website called What do you have to know? Yes, it does sound like a take off on the successful TV show ‘Who do you think you are?’ but trust me I was not that thoughtful when I created this website name.

I am quickly approaching my retirement years and I thought that I would try to help all those individuals who either have little time to spend researching information or to help my fellow seniors who are often intimidated by the sprawl of the internet and the results it produces.


Need answers but you do not have the time to waste or do not know how to find them?

Ask what you need to know and let me do the searching for you.

The goal of this site is to help people who are unsure how to locate information that they need. Or for those individuals who are intimidated by the grandeur of the internet and the search engine results.

Give me what you need and I will find the answers for you. Ask me a question or give me a detailed requirement.

The internet provides many answers to a wide variety of subjects but sometimes the results are confusing to go through to find that one bit of information you are looking for or need.


Enjoy using What Do You Have to Know and I hope it is as helpful as I believe it can be for anyone who comes to visit.


Neil 🙂

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