What Do You Have To Know has been setup to help you get information when you have little time to spend finding what you need yourself or you are not comfortable finding the information in the expanse of the internet.

Let me help you get what you want from the internet. The information sought out is sourced from many places that are pertinent to your question. As you ask me a question I will lead you to the sources that were used to derive your answer.

Simply Ask Me a Question  imagesTI178N0Rand I will provide you your answer.


This site has been built to assist you when you cannot locate the information you need. There are no subjects that are verboten but I do ask you to keep things clean.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Neil Graddon Post author

    This website is very helpful. It finds information needed quickly and precisely.

  2. Elizabeth

    Great job on your website Neil, the contents and information is great like you had mentioned, if you have a question all we do is ask?



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